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Athletix add flavorless to their unqiue Ergonine menu


When Athletix launched their new Ergonine at the beginning of the year the all-in-one formula was made available in a total of two different tastes. Neither of the flavors were your traditional fruit punch, blue raspberry, cherry limeade and/or watermelon, with one of them actually being an option we hadn’t seen in the supplement business. The two choices Ergonine enthusiasts had were the rather uncommon blueberry and the extremely unique nanaberry. Athletix have now revealed and released another option that isn’t as rare as blueberry and nanaberry, but is actually quite convenient for the type of product Ergonine is. Fans who have been stacking the supplement with other flavored or unflavored formulas can now get their hands on a much more stackable flavorless Ergonine. Athletix have just added the option to their own website where you can pick up the latest from the brand for the usual price of $29.99, with various discounts available for bulk purchases.

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