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G Fuel boxes are back and available for pre-order in 7 different flavors

g fuel boxes

As many times as we’ve seen Gamma Labs add to their flagship formula G Fuel which has resulted in a menu totaling 10. The latest addition to the G Fuel family is not a flavor. This time around the brand has actually brought back something that has been gone for quite some time. A while ago Gamma did have stick pack G Fuel boxes, each packing 20 servings of one flavor. The boxes were of course not as cost-effective as the supplement’s 40 serving tub, they were however a lot more convenient and easier to get around. Basically those G Fuel boxes are now back and available for pre-order direct from the brand’s website. Just as they were before, Gamma Labs haven’t produced every flavor for the box with 7 out of their 10. The options are green apple, fazeberry, blood orange, blue ice, peach mango, fruit punch and grape, leaving out pink lemonade, lemon lime and watermelon. The pre-order price put on the G Fuel boxes is $25.99 with each purchase regardless of how many you order, coming with one stick pack of each of the 7 flavors free. The deal is on right up until pre-orders are set to ship which is in two and a half weeks time on May 26th.

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