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Gaspari SP250 details released revealing a rather interesting formula

gaspari sp250

Today we’ve finally got the label a lot seem to have been waiting for, revealing the facts panel behind the upcoming Gaspari SP250. The biggest question leading up to this was whether or not the product would have any similarities to SuperPump 3.0 or was it going to be more along the lines of a SuperDrive 2.0. The latter was suggested based on the fact that the previewed Gaspari SP250 bottle had a size similar to SuperDrive rather than SuperPump 3.0. Today we can tell you that it actually looks like Gaspari SP250 is more of a combination of both. Before we go into the ingredients it is worth mentioning that the supplement has dropped SuperPump 3.0’s transparency and only has a few of its features listed with doses. While sometimes there isn’t anything wrong with that, on this occasion it does bring up a few questions.

The Gaspari SP250 facts panel leads off with the usual vitamins then goes into 3.2g of CarnoSyn beta-alanine, 1g creatine HCl, 1g citrulline malate and 200mg of s-(2-boronoethyl)-l-cysteine (BEC). If you’re left wondering what BEC actually is, according to the brand it has been included in Gaspari SP250 to “solve ‘The Arginase Problem’ that makes all other Nitric Oxide (NO) products fall short from delivering a serious pump”. “Arginase is an enzyme that breaks down the amino acid L-Arginine, the source of NO production; leaving little actually available to open up your blood vessels and let the blood rush in for a swollen pump.” What’s possibly even more interesting is that CarnoSyn has been dosed at 3.2g per serving, which means when you take Gaspari SP250’s maximum it’s going to set the record delivering a massive 6.4g of beta alanine.

Following on from the top half of Gaspari SP250’s label things get a lot more heated. First you have the CogniDRIVE focus and pump matrix weighing in at 3g and featuring taurine, tyrosine, glucuronolactone, DMAE, choline, glycerol monostearate and agmatine. It is this blend that leaves a few questions as taurine could be dosed quite highly meaning very little is left for all the others. This idea is pushed even further as DMAE isn’t something that really weighs much and it’s in the middle. That means that both glycerol and agmatine, two usually heavy pump ingredients aren’t as highly dosed as DMAE or choline for that matter.

Last but not least we have Gaspari SP250’s “Insane Energy Blend” weighing in at 750mg and listing a number of ingredients you won’t see too often. You can check them all out below in the official Gaspari SP250 facts panel although one of the features we have to point out is eria jarensis extract. This is something the brand are promoting as “the first truly effective stimulant used in the sports supplements industry as a substitute for the now-banned DMAA”. Those are in fact Gaspari’s words and yes they are extremely bold as the closest we’ve come to the legendary Jack3d stimulant is AMP citrate, which is now also being shut down.

Gaspari SP250 is expected to go on sale sometime next month, where fans and pre-workout enthusiasts can look forward to a total of three flavors. Two of the tastes are quite traditional in blue raspberry and fruit punch, and the third being pineapple. All three will be available in 30 serving tub sizes working out to 15 maximum servings, with no exclusive options or trial tubs confirmed.

Update: Caffeine dosed has been confirmed as 250mg per serving working out to 500mg of caffeine in the maximum two scoop serving.

Gaspari SP250 facts panel

gaspari sp250

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