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4+ Nutrition’s Hydro Beef Amino on its way out to stores

hydro beef amino

Following in the footsteps of MuscleMeds from quite some time ago, or more recently Scitec Nutrition and their beef formulas. Italy’s 4+ Nutrition have just revealed and released a tablet spin off of their beef protein powder Hydro Beef+. The official name of the supplement is Hydro Beef+ Amino, a 100% beef tablet formula. Making up each of the product’s massive 12 pill servings you get just under 1g of protein per tablet at 11g, with the carbohydrates at zero and fat well under a gram. Of course carrying a serving size of 12, 4+ Nutrition’s Hydro Beef Amino packs a massive amount of tablets into each bottle with two sizes to choose from a 300 and a 600 count. The smaller option works out to exactly 25 servings, meaning the double size version obviously has 50 servings. While the supplement’s facts panel probably isn’t required we have added it below for those interested in a closer look. As mentioned 4+ Nutrition have both revealed and released Hydro Beef Amino today, warning fans to keep an eye out for it at their local stockist.

4+ Nutrition Hydro Beef Amino

hydro beef amino

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