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JetFuel Powder takes almost everything from GAT’s original

jetfuel powder

Most of the supplements making up German American Technologies or GAT’s line, are weight loss formulas. While they do cover a lot of categories with the likes of Nitraflex for pre-workout, Adenoflex for post-workout, and Muscle Martini as their amino cocktail. It is the JetFuel series that takes up most of the space which previously consisted of five items, Superburn, T-300, AQX, Pyro, Accelerator and the original JetFuel. GAT has now introduced their very first flavored JetFuel formula simply titled JetFuel Powder. If you are a fan of the brand’s series in particular the regular JetFuel and like the sound of JetFuel Powder, the new product is definitely worth checking out. Looking at its label compared to the original JetFuel, about 19 of its 20 ingredients are the same. The lonely addition appears to be picamilon, and as for what the original has that the new JetFuel Powder doesn’t, fat burning fans won’t be missing much as they go without phosphatidylethanolamine and the capsule JetFuel’s proprietary leader, MCT oil. For a closer look at what’s in the latest supplement from GAT we have added the label for JetFuel Powder down below. You can also now get your hands on the new product direct from the brand’s website in berry blitz or black cherry, with retailer availability expected soon if not already.

GAT JetFuel Powder label

jetfuel powder

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