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Muscletech Plasma Muscle intentions explained with OptiNOs description

muscletech plasma muscle

OptiNOs was recently revealed as the second ingredient in Muscletech Plasma Muscle, which was named after a relatively long hangman teaser game. As much as we could gather on the ingredient based on the clues given, a description from Muscletech is what we’ve been waiting for. Today the brand have posted exactly that, going over what OptiNOs is and why they’ve included it in the third product of their muscle-building trilogy. For those wondering what actually makes up Muscletech Plasma Muscle’s OptiNOs, according to the brand it is “Cissus, Curcuma, & Ajowan Extract”. As for the effects of the feature it is quite a long story but in combination with the supplement’s other ingredient Peak ATP, a lot of interesting things are being promoted. Some of the most important effects Muscletech Plasma Muscle lists include increases in strength, lean muscle-building, an increase in number of reps you’re able to perform, as well as better muscle pumps.

You can read all about the upcoming Muscletech Plasma Muscle in the brand’s latest teaser post where you also may want to check out the section right at the bottom. Once you get past the details on OptiNOs where there is also a link to the research study on the feature, you will find an interesting set of tables. For those wondering if Muscletech Plasma Muscle is right for them the brand have put together a comparison chart of effects for Clear Muscle, Phospha Muscle and Plasma Muscle. Other tables touch on what sport each product is suitable for, what the dosing is like, and how many servings and when you should have them depending on your activity. You can check it all out at where unfortunately we still don’t get a shot of the new Plasma Muscle bottle.

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