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Nutrabio Intra Blast the new 24g amino cocktail

nutrabio intra blast

Since we first introduced Nutrabio it’s been nothing but interesting developments and new products from the veteran supplement company. That theme continues on today as we’ve got another new formula from the brand to talk about. The latest is called Intra Blast, an amino cocktail promoted as a powerful BCAA and EAA blend. While Nutrabio Intra Blast does come through on that description packing a 100% transparent blend of 7.2g of BCAAs, and another 2.805g made up of other aminos. The product does in fact include a whole lot of other features. On top of the aminos Nutrabio have also thrown in 5g of glutamine, 2g betaine anhydrous, 1g OKG (l-ornithine alpha-ketoglutarate 2:1 reacted), and a 2.822g electrolyte and hydration matrix. Looking at the Nutrabio Intra Blast formula and its doses you really can’t help but think the brand are spot on when they say “You TRAIN WITHOUT COMPROMISE, and we’ve put every ounce of effort into creating INTRA AMINO WITHOUT COMPROMISE”. You can check out the packed facts panel for Nutrabio Intra Blast below, and learn a little more about it on the brand’s website where it is also now available for $33.99.

Nutrabio Intra Blast facts panel

intra blast facts

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