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Quest MCT Oil Powder, get the healthy energy of MCT oil

quest mct oil powder

Quest MCT Oil Powder is one of Quest’s two healthy fats supplements, the other one being Coconut Oil Powder. Like all the brand’s add-on powders, MCT Oil has been included in Quest’s new three piece line to add a bit more to the brand’s protein or any protein powder for that matter. Quest’s own description sums up the product fairly quickly “Add the clean, healthy energy of MCT oil to any shake or baked treat for a creamy, easy-to-digest boost of essential fatty acids”. Unlike the brand’s brown rice powder, Quest MCT Oil Powder is one of the smaller supplements with each tub weighing in at 454g. While we don’t know how many servings it has, if you go by the brand’s 9g you’re looking at just over 50. Packed into each of those is 7g of saturated fat, 1g of fiber, zero protein and a calorie total of 60. To purchase a 1lb tub of the new Quest MCT Oil Powder the place to go is, where the product has been priced the same as the brown rice powder at $29.99.

Quest MCT Oil Powder label

quest mct oil powder

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