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RPM Nutrition name and categorize two entirely new supplements

rpm nutrition

Up until recently we had never really talked about RPM Nutrition, although had heard of them and seen them around a lot. The reason they popped up recently is because they were one of the 13 brands that got a letter from the FDA about their AMP citrate supplement the Red Rum Series SS. Seeing as SS was the only product on RPM’s list it’s no surprise that they have now confirmed the coming of a few more formulas. While we don’t yet know the official status of RPM’s current pre-workout SS, although do assume it is going to be reformulated with AMP citrate taken out. RPM are soon going to have a total of three supplements available. Said to be joining the Red Rum Series product SS are two more items, CP and FS. Unlike the majority of supplement names, like SS these ones don’t give away too much in their name. Starting with CP, that is RPM Nutrition’s new creatine formula, and as for FS that is their fat burner which is due to arrive in both capsule and powder form. We of course don’t know the contents of either of the products but do look forward to seeing how CP and FS turn out as well as SS if a reformulation is in fact in the works.

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