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UPS Shake N Bake is real and coming very soon

ups shake n bake

Just when we thought Australia’s UPS Protein were done with revealing new supplements they go an reveal one more. As surprising as seeing yet another product is, what’s even more surprising is what the supplement actually is. The name of the item is UPS Shake N Bake, a simple shake and bake high protein pancake mixture. Despite the product not being something you usually see too often from companies like UPS. It shouldn’t come as too much of a shock as the brand have been getting quite creative lately with the likes of Amino Greens, the amino acid and greens cocktail. Unlike all the other UPS previews and sneak peeks, the brand have confirmed quite a few details for their upcoming Shake N Bake. Whether or not these numbers are per serving or bottle of Shake N Bake we don’t quite know, but the balance is 40g of protein with an equal 40g of carbohydrates, and a promise of low fat. The only flavor we know of for UPS Shake N Bake at the moment is apple cinnamon, although that’s not to say more aren’t lined up for launch. Speaking of launch the brand haven’t exactly specified a date for when UPS Shake N Bake will arrive, leaving fans with the promise of “available very soon”.

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