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Naturally Thin set to make it two for Verda Nutrition

naturally thin

We always knew there would be more than the one supplement from Verda Nutrition, despite their first product actually being named Verda. It was mentioned a few months back that their would be Verda Bar in the near future, however that doesn’t quite count as a second supplement. This week the brand have announced a real follow-up to Verda, confirming the coming of a new weight loss solution. The name of the supplement is Naturally Thin, a formula designed to be exactly what it’s titled. Like the brand’s first product, Verda’s Naturally Thin keeps that theme of 100% natural and clean going strong. It’s being promoted as 100% GMO, calorie and sugar free, and is made with zero artificial colors and flavors. As for the contents of Naturally Thin so far all we know is what we can see on the front of the bottle. From left to right the supplement looks like it lists 500mg of african mango, 250mg green coffee bean, 150mg garcinia cambogia and 150mg of green tea. Seeing as that is all that’s listed on the bottle we don’t quite know if the product features any other ingredients, although the brand do make up for it by releasing their promised effects. Naturally Thin is said to boost metabolism, suppress cravings, of course help with burning fat, and lastly believe it or not aid in the area of anti-aging. For now Verda are only listing Naturally Thin as coming soon with no week or month mentioned, and just the one 113g acai berry flavored tub spotted so far.

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