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Big On A Budget with Animal’s Jason “Huge” Huh

big on a budget

Animal Pak have released another edition of their educational video series Big On A Budget with their newest athlete Jason “Huge” Huh. If you’ve missed previous installments with Evan Centopani, Frank McGrath and Roman Fritz. Basically the videos are about getting a week’s worth of muscle building food with just $50, then demonstrating how each person would prepare the food. In episode 4 Jason Huh keeps things as simple as possible picking up rice, boneless skinless chicken which makes up almost 80% of his budget, 18 eggs, mustard, hot sauce and 2 apples. Along the way Huh explains in detail why he decides on each of the items, going off what he likes and what worked for him back in the day. While the video is both educational and entertaining, you can’t help but appreciate Animal’s effort towards the series and how well it directly connects them to their audience. Very few brands prove to their fans they know what it’s like to live on a budget, as the lifestyle and diet isn’t exactly cheap. The Big On A Budget as well as the Huge On A Hundred series furthers Animal’s hardcore and truly understanding appeal. You can see the well put together 20 minute video below or on YouTube, as well as on where they break down the meals and put everything in writing.

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