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1st look at Carbotein arrives almost 9 months after it was confirmed


After hearing about it all the way back at the Olympia last year, then not seeing any kind of update on it at the Arnold in March. We are happy to say we’ve finally got our first look at the previously confirmed carbohydrate supplement GAT Carbotein. Originally all we had on the product was the name, which the brand had plastered on their Olympia booth last September. As you can see in the first GAT Carbotein image above, the latest from the brand behind JetFUEL is officially described as a high-performance glycogen loader. The supplement lists highlights such as muscular output and endurance support, glycogen loading and replenishment promotion, and a combination of six specialty carbohydrates. We don’t yet know what those six are or what kind of doses we’re looking at, with the only other details we have being GAT Carbotein’s sizes and flavors. Based on the preview there will be at least one size packing 50 servings, and two fruity flavors in grape and orange. After finally getting our first look at the product it would be good to assume GAT Carbotein is now a lot closer to hitting shelves with the rest of its details likely coming very soon.

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