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Cor Whey also gets a few edits for Cellucor’s G4 Series

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Initially when we saw the G4 Series updates for Cor Whey and BCAA, it was thought the supplements had just got a new look. Later it turned out that BCAA had a little more than a makeover as it also dropped citrulline malate and HICA. We’ve now got official labels for Cellucor’s G4 Series Cor Whey as well, revealing that there are some changes to the protein as well, but nowhere near as much. While the protein sources and everything else in Cor Whey’s other ingredients section have remained the same, it is the macros that have been changed around a bit.

Basically the protein amount and serving count has gone untouched seeing Cor Whey keep its 25g of protein, and 26/28 servings for molten chocolate and whipped vanilla. Where Cellucor have modified the product is in the carbohydrates and fat, which has of course altered the calories. For this comparison we’re looking at two flavors chocolate and vanilla, putting them side by side against their original facts panels. Cor Whey chocolate features 1g more of carbs, 1g less fiber and half a gram less saturated fat, with 10 less calories. Vanilla is quite similar seeing the same 1g increase in carbs although the only other difference is half a gram less of fat.

We do suspect small changes like the ones mentioned for Cor Whey’s molten chocolate and whipped vanilla, will also be found in the supplement’s many other flavors. While they are indeed changes we can’t imagine anyone is really going to mind with 1g here and there and fewer calories for chocolate, as if anything Cellucor have improved Cor Whey.

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