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Core Fury Extreme arrives looking a lot like its predecessor

core fury extreme

Core Nutritionals’ new US version of the more intensely named pre-workout Core Fury Extreme has finally arrived. After months of teasing starting all the way back in April, fans now have Core Fury Extreme available to them which is actually the brand’s only pre-workout now available. Core have indeed replaced the supplement’s predecessor on their website suggesting the same thing is going to happen in stores still listing the original. Of course with the product released we now have all the information you need including the 100% transparent formula and Core’s introductory deal.

Unlike a lot of competing pre-workout sequels or entirely new replacement pre-workouts, Core Fury Extreme surprisingly has a lot in common compared to the original. Of the regular Core Fury’s 10 ingredients, Core Fury Extreme has carried over 7, a few of them even at the same doses. Creatine monohydrates remains at 5g, citrullline at 3g and choline at half a gram. As for the other four familiar features you have half a gram less of agmatine and betaine, and 25% less n-acetyl-tyrosine and (covered elsewhere) caffeine. The rest of Core Fury Extreme is made of new additions with Picamilon, synephrine, hordenine, theobromine and for a bit of long-lasting energy the patented Purenergy caffeine pterostilbene. While there are quite a few changes, Core have pretty much kept the same performance base only really shifting around the bottom half of the label, meaning fans of its predecessor won’t exactly be introduced to an all new experience.

Last but not least we have Core Fury Extreme’s introductory deal, which as always is well worth getting in on. Like all the others we’ve recently seen from the brand, Core’s latest offer incorporates the supplement, free shipping, a Commodities item and samples. Basically $41.99 will get you one bottle of Core Fury Extreme, ABC and PWO samples, and free shipping. $83.98 on the other hand will get you two bottles, the samples and shipping, as well as a full size tub of the stackable Core Commodities Beta-Alanine. The deals are only available through the brand’s website for a limited time with shipping set to take place next Monday on July 6th.

Core Fury Extreme (US Version)

core fury extreme

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