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MusclePharm’s Creatine Black no longer exclusive to GNC

creatine black

Ever since we heard about MusclePharm’s new Black Label Series, we knew the line was going to be exclusive to GNC. When the five supplements were all eventually unveiled, Assault, OxySport, Combat, Amino1 and Creatine Black, the exclusivity was still intact. Then when the MusclePharm Black Label products went on sale, they did so at GNC further confirming that exclusivity. For whatever reason one of the Black Label Series supplements has now shown up outside of GNC, raising a whole lot of questions.

MusclePharm’s Creatine Black is the formula that has been spotted at TF Supplements, giving fans a little more than just another place to buy the product. While GNC still have Creatine Black priced at $32.99 or $29.99 for Gold Card members, TF are a whole lot cheaper at $18.50 for the exact same supplement. As mentioned the appearance of Creatine Black outside of GNC does raise a lot of questions, including whether or not the other Black Label formulas will be joining it. With the likes of Assault Black and Combat Black going for $49.99 and $62.99 at GNC, a discount similar to what Creatine Black has at TF Supplements would be greatly appreciated.

We will definitely keep an eye out to see if any of the other MusclePharm Black Label products show up anywhere else. Especially Assault Black as it would be interesting to see what the brand’s fifth and most expensive pre-workout is actually like.

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