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Gaspari SP250 hits Mass Nutrition at a new low price

gaspari sp250

Since the new pre-workout Gaspari SP250 showed up at Fitness First with a bonus buy promotion, very few other locations have started stocking the supplement. The likes of Muscle & Strength and are some of the more notable retailers yet to even add a coming soon page. Mass Nutrition on the other hand have recently added Gaspari SP250, also showing just how cheap the product can be.

While Fitness First did originally have the supplement listed for $29.99 before they added their free shaker and trial size bumping it up to $34.99, Mass Nutrition have gone even lower than that. Their full size 30 serving tub of Gaspari SP250 will cost you $27.99, with all three flavors fruit punch, pineapple and blue raspberry, available to choose from. No doubt other stores will be getting the latest from Gaspari Nutrition soon, although it will be interesting to see if they go any lower than 93 cents a serving.

Update 06/29: Supplement Central also now have Gaspari SP250 for under $28 at $27.95

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