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GAT Pump Blend could be joined by a new pre-workout

pump blend gat

While GAT have been quite busy lately dropping a number of new supplements such as the reformulated JetFUEL T-300 and Superburn, as well as Carbotein. It doesn’t look like the brand are going to be stopping anytime soon. GAT have just released a teaser image of a product they’ve currently got in testing, temporarily titled Pump Blend. Not much else can be confirmed about the plain white tub as seen above, however there is another item in the picture. Tucked in behind the water bottle is a much more finished off supplement that all you can really make out is the word “pre-workout” and first title letter “P”.

Initially we thought the more complete tub was just the Pump Blend in its final labelled package. We then realized it didn’t make much sense to put a test bottle and a finished one in the same image. If that is in fact the case and the other pictured product is some kind of new pre-workout as its named. Then it will mean GAT is getting ready to enter the stimulant free pump market for the first time and dropping an entirely new pre-workout. The teaser has been accompanied by the words “big things coming”, which will definitely be the case if the brand have lined up a pump pre-workout and regular pre-workout.

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