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GH Dreamzzz ingredients and doses confirmed

gh dreamzzz

Things just keep moving down under at UPS Protein as today we’ve got yet another development from the fast growing brand. It was last week that UPS launched their high protein pancake mix Shake N Bake, which has been followed by a close up of their sleep support formula GH Dreamzzz. Details on this one actually date back to late last month then more recently last week when the brand revealed the official name of the supplement.

We can now tell you that UPS have packed a number of well known sleep aid features in GH Dreamzzz with a total of seven main ingredients. Going from top to bottom the brand have included 1.1g of phenibut, half a gram each of arginine HCl, glutamine and GABA, ZMA, tryptophan and ornithine. To make sure UPS fans know exactly what they’re getting GH Dreamzzz is 100% transparently dosed, which we have proof of below with its official facts panel. While the brand did only just release a new product GH Dreamzzz is looking likely to arrive before the month is out as it is expected to go on sale within the next 10 to 14 days.

UPS Protein GH Dreamzzz

gh dreamzzz

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