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Long Island Iced Tea 1 of Black Market’s 2 June Guerrilla Editions

guerrilla editions

It is that time of the month again when Black Market reveal and release another Guerrilla Edition AdreNOlyn. This time around however as mentioned last month, the underground brand have done two different limited editions again, one for AdreNOlyn Bulk and Cuts and the other for AdrenHERlyn. For the month of June Black Market fans are being treated to Long Island Iced Tea for AdreNOlyn Bulk and Cuts, and Key Lime Pie for AdrenHERlyn.

For those keeping count at home that is Guerrilla Editions number 32 and 33, or 26 and 27 if you’re just counting the amount of unique flavors. As per usual the latest limited editions Long Island Iced Tea and Key Lime Pie, have both already been added to Black Market’s own website. The direct price is the same as always at $59.99 a bottle, however if you want to wait for retailer availability you will be able to get both supplements at a much better price.

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