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Mystery Myprotein supplement likely to be 6 letters long


Myprotein have announced that they’ve got a new supplement on the way, one that they believe is worth building up to its reveal. Since the brand only tend to do slightly more basic products we are definitely left wondering what it is Myprotein is getting their fans excited about. The way it’s going to work is over the next six days they will be dropping clues on social media, with each clue leading you to a letter from the title of the new supplement. Seeing as there are six days worth of clues, the title is likely to be a six letter word.

The first clue which Myprotein released yesterday reads “this high protein winter warmer goes great with marshmallows”. While the clue does sound like more of a hint at what the product actually is suggesting a number of things, it is only a clue at one letter so it may not be worth reading too much in to. For now we will just see where the brand go from here with the sixth and final clue looking like it will land on Saturday.

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