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Nutrabolics Supernova to feature 6g of citrulline malate

nutrabolics supernova

We knew a pre-workout was coming, we then got the name Nutrabolics Supernova which was eventually followed by a laid out look at the supplement’s label. Today we’ve got the next update for the upcoming Nutrabolics Supernova with a first real look at the product as well as a few details for the formula. Up until now all we really knew about the supplement was its name and that it is a pre-workout. We now have the effects Nutrabolics Supernova is expected to deliver, one of its flavors, and a bit of what’s inside the product.

Starting with the pre-workout’s effects, like all good competitors in the category the brand are promising solid energy, as well as focus and pump. Moving on to the one flavor we know of which is highly likely going to be joined by another few, we have pineapple. Last but certainly not least are the contents details, although unfortunately we do only have one and a half features to confirm. The first for Nutrabolics Supernova is citrulline malate dosed at a solid 6g. Next, and this is what we mean by half, the supplement will have 4X Energy Core Technology designed to target “every synapse in your brain to fire in sync.” We’re saying half as the name “4X Energy Core” could mean a blend or four ingredients included for focus, we don’t quite, either way it is of course something.

The build up for Nutrabolics Supernova has certainly been a long one and does look like it’s got a bit more to go. The product’s complete facts panel will no doubt be the update we’re all hanging out for as Nutrabolics prepare to take on one of, if not the most competitive categories in the industry.

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