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Nutraplanet line introduces 115 different supplements

nutraplanet line

When most stores update their website and introduce an all new look, that is as far as it goes. Nutraplanet on the other hand are not your average store, so it makes sense that their site makeover has brought more than just a new look. If you visit the top online retailer today, initially everything will seem quite a bit different. Once however you get moving around you’ll notice Nutraplanet’s old layout is still in some areas, making it a rather familiar transition. You will also notice a new line is available that has actually been put together by the store themselves. It is an all new Nutraplanet line that has been launched with their makeover introducing a total of 115 supplements.

The products aren’t anything fancy, as the brand have kept things to a bare minimum using just bags and a one color label for packaging. With 115 different supplements you’re probably wondering what kind of formulas the Nutraplanet line has. Basically like the look of the brand, every product sticks to the bare minimum as they’re all single ingredient supplements. Some do have a few more in the mix such as Joint Formula and Topical Matrix, although they’re not looking to win any formulation awards. The overall concept of the Nutraplanet line is that it has every ingredient you would want by itself in powder and/or capsule form. From things like BCAAs, Beta-Alanine and Creatine Monohydrate to more rarely seen products such as Bacopa Monnieri, Oxiracetam and MSM Powder, the brand pretty much has it all.

You can check out the complete Nutraplanet line on the store’s all new website, and of course there are some supplements you’ll need to see more than others. You have the BCAAs priced at a competitive $12.99 for 500g or $21.99 for 1kg. ALCAR is also a part of the line with 250g at $14.99 and 1kg at $43.99. Last but not least is the star of the brand Whey Protein, which will do some damage as far as cost effectiveness goes as 2lbs is just $19, 5lbs $39 and the 10lber the best of the three at $74.

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