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Omega Jym transparent and featuring even amounts of EPA and DHA

omega jym

The latest Jym supplement has been revealed today seeing Jim Stoppani do exactly what we thought he might back when ZMA Jym arrived. When ZMA was introduced it really opened up the door for more individual ingredient or basic products, which is what we have today with Omega Jym. The new Stoppani supplement sees the Jym line enter the omega-3 market with a formula that once again is a little different. Ever since the Jym Series was launched it’s been nothing but major or minor points of difference with each and every product. Pro Jym went 100% transparent for protein doses, Shred Jym sold out in three days, and now Omega Jym does it with transparency and a very unique dose. While fish oil formulas listing their exact amounts of omega-3 fatty acids isn’t something we haven’t seen before, Omega Jym’s balance of EPA and DHA is.

As Stoppani explains in his introductory video most fish oil supplements don’t have equal amounts of EPA and DHA. The latter is usually a lot lower than EPA, with the closest we’ve seen probably being MusclePharm Fish Oil’s 400 to 300mg. Of all the products out there we can’t think of one that’s ever been equal in terms of EPA and DHA, until now. Packed into each of Omega Jym’s 120 softgels you have 1g of fish oil broken down to 750mg of fatty acids, of which 375mg is EPA and 375mg is DHA. The doses listed in the official facts panel below are of course doubled due to the supplement’s serving being two softgels. Feel free to watch Jim Stoppani’s 8 minute video (above) to hear why Omega Jym has been put together the way it has, as well as his claim to be redefining the fish oil category.

Jim Stoppani’s Omega Jym

omega jym