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Pro Jym switched from its bag to the more traditional tub

pro jym

Jim Stoppani fans, also known as the Jym Army, will get a bit of a surprise when they next order a tub of their leaders protein powder. Originally when Pro Jym arrived it came in the usual two sizes, 2 and 4lbs. The small difference was that Stoppani had gone with bags for his protein instead of tubs, which isn’t too odd for a 4lb but definitely something you don’t see a lot of for a 2lb. The supplement has now been swapped out of its original packaging and into the much more traditional tub. You can find out why Jim Stoppani has made the transition for Pro Jym in the video below, as he lists a number of reported problems such as bags accidentally opening as well as customers having trouble with the zippers. Like all rebrands and repackaging projects it will take some time for the new Pro Jym jugs to replace all the bags. At the moment it will vary from flavor to flavor and where you’re ordering from as to whether or not you’ll get a tub, however by the end of the month all bags are expected to be gone.