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Quest Variety pack at Campus Protein featuring all 18 flavors

quest variety

While Quest fans can spice up their snack cupboards with various boxes of bars, grabbing a dozen of their favorite flavors. Sometimes you may not want that much of a particular taste so it comes down to what flavors you’ll be happy with 12 times over. You can of course purchase Quest Bars one at a time, although that cuts out the discount you get on the box. A few stores do actually have an answer to the problem of wanting something different while still saving money buying bulk. The first deal we’re going to mention is the classic variety box which can be found in a number of places. Get Ripped have one, Fitness First also do one with six different flavors, even Quest themselves have a sampler packing one each of their most popular options. As great as the classic variety box is, nothing quite compares to the set Campus Protein have just put together. While it won’t save you as much as the other variety boxes, Campus have got a one of everything pack giving you 18 different flavors as well as a Quest Cravings peanut butter cups. At $43.99 for 19 items you will be paying around 8% more than a box of one flavor from Campus Protein, however since they don’t sell Quest Bar’s individually this a good chance for their customers to try one of each.

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