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Shatter Black Onyx adds a pre-workout to the darker SX-7 series

shatter black onyx

At the moment Muscletech’s SX-7 Black Onyx Series sits with a total of three supplements, Test 3X, PhosphaGrow and the original Hydroxycut Black Onyx. A fourth for the brand’s black and chrome line has now been confirmed with the pre-workout Shatter Black Onyx. The product is an alternate version of Muscletech’s SX-7 Series formula by the same first name, #Shatter. Compared to the original Shatter Black Onyx is basically an upgraded version that also borrows some ingredients from a couple of other Muscletech supplements.

Carried over from the first Shatter you have CarnoSyn beta-alanine at 1.6g instead of 1.2, the same 200mg of PeakATP, 200mg of caffeine compared to 160, and an identical dose of myristica fragrans. As for the rest of Shatter Black Onyx’s formula you get a bit of Hydroxycut Black Onyx and Hydroxycut Next Gen. Following on from the four features mentioned you then have blue skullcap extract at the same amount as Hydroxycut Next Gen capsule to scoop, then yohimbe and satsuma orange concentrate as they are in Hydroxycut Black Onyx dosed at 20mg and 2mg.

To make Shatter Black Onyx even more intense than the original, each tub of the new Muscletech pre-workout packs 60 servings which is 10 more than the biggest Shatter SX-7 currently available. Looking at the menu of the product, based on the information released so far it seems we’re in for at least two flavors. The first is the more traditional of the two, with fruit punch explosion. The second option is where things get interesting as we see Muscletech borrow Anarchy’s unique flavor using icy rocket freeze.

For those after a closer look at the upcoming Shatter Black Onyx, we have added the supplement’s transparently dosed label below. While we don’t yet know when the new pre-workout will arrive, we do know where to watch as GNC is Muscletech’s exclusive SX-7 and Black Onyx Series retailer.

Muscletech Shatter Black Onyx

shatter black onyx

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