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SP250 changed to a bonus buy at Fitness First

gaspari sp250

Thanks to Fitness First we were recently able to confirm the cost of Gaspari Nutrition’s upcoming pre-workout supplement SP250. The price originally listed at the store was $29.95 working out to a dollar a serving since SP250 packs a total of 30 servings. Now for some reason Fitness First are listing a very different price, however the cost per serving is still the same.

Instead of just the regular SP250 by itself the retailer now have a full size 30 serving stacked with a trial size 5 serving and a Gaspari shaker. The additions appear to have bumped up the price by $5 totaling $34.99, although as mentioned the cost per serving is still the same at a dollar a serving. While the change in price doesn’t exactly make for overly exciting SP250 news, it does hint at the Gaspari pre-workout being a whole lot closer than it was before. Seeing as Fitness First were the first to drop Nova X, we get the feeling they’ll also be the first to drop SP250 and with a deal we know about before it’s even arrived.

Update: Fitness First now actually have SP250 in stock and available with three flavors to choose from in fruit punch, pineapple and blue raspberry.

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