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Super HD Powder updated for Cellucor’s G4 Series

super hd powder

Back when Cellucor introduced their new G4 Series one of their more popular products was noticeably missing. Despite Super HD getting carried over from the previous series to the G4, Super HD Powder was no where to be seen. Now more than half a year later Super HD Powder has made the jump to the G4 Series, getting an all new label and formula. Compared to the capsule G4 Super HD, the flavored version is very similar. Basically all 12 of the fat burner’s main ingredients have been been used in the new Super HD Powder. The only difference is that in the capsule Super HD all the ingredients together totaled 660mg, however in Super HD Powder the total is 139 less at 521mg. The only feature that we can confirm is the same is caffeine, as it is the only one Cellucor share the dose of for both supplements. Moving on to the menu the brand have kept things much more identical giving the new flavored Super HD the same two tastes as its predecessor with strawberry lemonade and peach mango. For those interested we have added the G4 Series Super HD Powder’s label down below, and if you would like to purchase the product it is now available at GNC for the same price as the capsules.

Cellucor G4 Series Super HD Powder

super hd powder

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