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Vaso Grow V2 adds agmatine and more leucine nitrate

vaso grow v2

In our first post on Dedicated Nutrition’s new pump supplement Vaso Grow V2, we could only confirm that the product had one less capsule per serving. As handy as that is to know, it didn’t tell us anything about what the brand had done to the supplement in terms of ingredients. Dedicated have now released everything you need to know about their sequel Vaso Grow V2, including its facts panel. It turns out the brand have removed a fair bit but equally added more back in. Of the original’s nine features Vaso Grow V2 uses eight. The difference in number of ingredients is due to Dedicated removing both citrulline and glycerol and replacing them with 500mg of agmatine sulfate. As for the doses separating the old from the new the brand have boosted leucine nitrate by 250mg, equally lowered the vitamin C by 250mg, added 20mg more norvaline and kept everything else the same. Being a Dedicated product every feature of the formula is of course transparently dosed, which you can see below in Vaso Grow V2’s facts panel. The brand are promising most of the same effects at higher amounts for the sequel including “skin bursting vascularity”, “24/7 muscle building” and the ability to “stay swole all f#cking day”. For more information on the supplement Dedicated have updated Vaso Grow’s page on their website where you can ready all about the pump product and its ingredients.

Dedicated Nutrition Vaso Grow V2

vaso grow v2

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