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100 servings of Muscletech’s Amino Build for just $39.99

amino build

Last week brought back their discounted Muscletech Platinum Multi-Vitamin Bonus Stack, giving you 88 servings of the supplement for $25. With that also came the Platinum 100% Casein Bonus Stack, offering just as much as discount with 66 servings for $49.99. The online retailer has now launched two more Muscletech Bonus Stacks, one made up of Amino Build and the other Hydroxycut Next Gen stacked with the brand’s Platinum Series CLA.

Starting with the weight loss bargain, for $69.99 you get two 100 capsules bottles of Hydroxycut as well as four 10 capsules sachets and two 20 softgel packets of CLA. All together you’re looking at 60 days worth of Hydroxycut Next Gen and 40 CLA softgels, which compared to the regular price of a 100 count Hydroxycut saves you about $10 per bottle and gives you the CLAs free. With all that said if you are interested in Muscletech’s latest Hydroxycut you might want to take advantage of’s buy one get one deal instead, or at least until it’s gone then go with the Hydroxycut Bonus Stack.

As for the Amino Build Bonus Stack which is also one of our favorite amino formulas, basically you’re getting 100 servings for just $39.99. Those servings are made up of two full size bottles along with four 10 serving Amino Build samplers. Surprisingly like Hydroxycut Next Gen, do actually also have a buy one get one deal on Amino Build at the moment. Despite how good the savings on that one initially sound, in this case the Amino Build Bonus Stack is better value. It does of course depend on how much money you’re looking to spend but if you grab the BOGO on Amino Build you will be paying just over 5% more than if you go for the Bonus Stack’s 100 servings.

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