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AminoJect surprises with 6g of vegan BCAAs and 5g of glutamine


Evogen Nutrition has just launched a pre-sale for their long-awaited amino supplement AminoJect. Following our first look at the product, details have been slowly coming in confirming a handful of AminoJect’s ingredients including glutamine, betaine and BioFerm QA vegan sourced BCAAs. Now that the supplement is up for pre-order, all its information has been released including its label. Not so surprisingly the amino formula is well dosed and has come with a launch price that’s definitely one of the better direct deals we’ve seen.

Previously all we really knew about AminoJect were three of its ingredients, without any word on exactly how much of each one is in the product. Now that its label has been released we can confirm the vegan sourced BCAAs are at 6g, betaine at 1g, and the glutamine at a massive 5g. Other features in the supplement include citrulline dl-malate dosed the same as betaine at 1g, 5mg of Bioperine, and a 525mg electrolyte complex made up of dicalcium, trimagnesium and dipotassium phosphate.

As mentioned the latest from Evogen has launched with a pretty good pre-sale price, based on both what it features and the fact that it is being sold direct from the brand. Instead of AminoJect’s usual price of $39.95, you can grab the product for $34.95 with a free Evogen tee using the coupon code “5offAminoJect“. Being a pre-sale opportunity the supplement isn’t going to ship right away, however the wait is only four days as the brand will be processing orders this coming Monday.

Evogen Nutrition AminoJect


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