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Carnitine Sport Drink coming soon from Italy’s 4+ Nutrition


It has been a while since we’ve seen the Italian brand 4+ Nutrition really tease a new supplement as lately it’s mostly been straight to reveal then release. Today however that has changed as the brand has dropped a shadowed image of a product that looks like it’s called Carnitine Sport Drink. We say “looks like” as in the image above it is difficult to tell whether there is any more to the name.

Either way the words “Carnitine Sport Drink” are pretty clear, suggesting the supplement is some sort of premixed carnitine formula. You can also see on the bottle in the picture the branded ingredient Carnipure, confirming the form of carnitine as carnitine tartrate. The only details left to be revealed are flavor since the latest from 4+ Nutrition is a drink, the exact dose of Carnipure, and whether or not the brand has decided to put anything else in Carnitine Sport Drink.

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