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Creactor Icy Rocket Freeze exclusive to the Vitamin Shoppe

creactor icy rocket

Earlier this year Muscletech confirmed the coming of another flavor for their most powerful pre-workout to date, the energy, focus and pump formula Anarchy. The option that joined the menu of Blue Raspberry, Fruit Punch, Pink Lemonade and Watermelon was the Bomb Pop inspired Icy Rocket Freeze, which can now be found in a number of retailers such as Muscle & Strength and

Whether Muscletech got great feedback on the flavor or just wanted to add more variety to a current product, the brand has now confirmed another supplement set to get the Bomb Pop recipe. Muscletech’s Performance Series creatine is the product due to get another option soon, with Creactor Icy Rocket Freeze set to take the formula’s menu up to a total of three. It is also worth mentioning that unlike Anarchy Icy Rocket being available everywhere, Creactor Icy Rocket will be a the Vitamin Shoppe exclusive with the flavor expected to arrive early next month

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