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Dedicated target recovery with an intra-workout protein

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Dedicated Nutrition has definitely been on a roll this year, and as you may have noticed recently they’re showing no signs of slowing down. Following on from a handful of new supplements launched in the first half of 2015, the list of products coming in the second half continues to grow. Already this month Dedicated has revealed and released updated versions of Dominate and Epic, confirmed a reflavored Fusion Pro, and named two entirely new supplements in Headshot and Re-Grow. The brand has now unveiled another new product they’ve got on the way, although unlike the others they’ve kept this one a bit of a mystery.

Joining Dedicated’s list of coming soon supplements with Fusion Pro, Headshot and Re-Grow is an unnamed recovery formula. As well as revealing the aim of the mystery product the brand has also given a bit of a description.

“The ultimate recovery substance known to man is protein, plain and simple. Not any bogus amino acid blend! There is only one true king of recovery protein … And we’re using it in our upcoming product … Because recovery doesn’t start after your workout, it starts during.”

Basically we can take a couple of details from the short yet rather informative description. Firstly we’re not looking at amino acids for recovery, as Dedicated say the formula is based around a specific type of protein. Secondly and this is where things get interesting, the brand also says recovery starts during your workout suggesting that what ever it is they’ve put together, it will be taken intra-workout. For now we’re unfortunately just going to have to leave the mystery intra-workout protein there, although we’re definitely looking forward to Dedicated’s next update on the supplement.

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