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Beta Alanine joins GAT’s three week old Essentials Series

gat beta alanine

As young as GAT’s new Essentials Series is, only just being introduced two and a half weeks ago. The brand has already added to the line with Agmatine officially making the cut last week. GAT has now confirmed yet another addition to their Essentials Series seeing Glutamine, Creatine, Men’s Multi + Test, BCAAs and Agmatine joined by a sixth basic supplement. The name of the product is GAT Beta Alanine, which is of course also the main ingredient in the formula.

Each tub of the supplement weighs in at 200g, working out to exactly 100 unflavored servings. Unlike the others, including the recently released Agmatine, GAT Beta Alanine has not been launched straight away. The previous five were all added to the brand’s website almost immediately, which is probably where you’ll want to watch if you want to be one of the first to get the new GAT essential.

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