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K-OS Pre-Workout BSc’s 2nd Gold Label Alpha Series supplement

k-os pre-workout

The second supplement in Body Science’s Gold Label Alpha Series has been announced, following on from the flavored fat burner Hydroxy Shred. The official title of the product is K-OS Pre-Workout, obviously the brand’s pre-workout of the four formulas planned for the red and gold line. At the moment we don’t know a whole lot about Body Science’s K-OS Pre-Workout except for a few of its most important features.

The four ingredients named so far are 3g of creatine with no word on what form, 1.5g beta-alanine, 175mg of the classic caffeine, and lastly 250mg of arginine. All of those doses are based on a single K-OS Pre-Workout serving with two being the maximum, which takes the likes of beta-alanine up to 3g and caffeine to 350. We’re not yet sure when this one will be hitting stores in Australia, although those interested can look forward to two 30 serving flavors in Clear Cola and Pineapple Coconut.

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