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Laxacrine launched by BPS direct at Sustain Alpha’s pre-order price


Today BPS Nutrition has revealed their latest supplement, Laxacrine, launching it the same way they did Sustain Alpha with a bit of an introductory deal. Also like Sustain Alpha the new BPS Laxacrine isn’t your traditional product, being a topical muscle-building formula. The brand promise a number of things for the single ingredient supplement such as increases in protein synthesis, strength, power and muscular endurance, as well as aiding in fat loss and interestingly enough joint support.

As for the one ingredient in Laxacrine it is 5a-hydroxy-laxogenin as seen in the likes of Lecheek’s Andro-5A and Olympus Labs’ Str3ngth. BPS has dosed laxogenin at 100mg per 1ml serving, with each bottle of Laxacrine measuring 30ml working out to 30 servings. Unfortunately the product has yet to hit any retailers, leaving us with nothing to compare the introductory BPS deal to. That being said if Laxacrine is anything like Sustain Alpha the early offer of $29.99 could save you up to $6, as that was the difference between Sustain’s pre-order price and what it hit later Nutraplanet for.

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