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Performax Labs getting ready for HyperMax V2


To make the launch of Performax Labs two upcoming supplements, the reformulated pre-workout HyperMax V2 and nutrient partitioning formula SlinMax, the brand have just completely updated their website. The site no longer features a slim, boxed up design, as Performax fans are now greeted with a wide open layout as well as a few new additions. While the website has had a makeover it should feel familiar to most fans as color wise and graphically, the brand have carried over a lot of their previous version’s look making sure it is still “Performax Labs”.

Some of the new features include a much more up-to-date news section, an athletes area showing off all of the Performax Labs team, and for the first time a place to purchase direct from the brand. You can see all the changes for yourself at, where you will also see a page already in place for the exciting return of HyperMax.

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