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Plasma Muscle price revealed at Muscle & Strength

plasma muscle

One of the most important factors of a supplement whether it be a pre-workout, fat burner or protein powder, is price. While we ourselves don’t mind small differences like 30 to $35 or sometimes even bigger gaps depending on the category. Some types of products do range quite a bit, such as muscle-builders which can be as low as $25 or as high as $80+. The reason we bring this up is because Muscle & Strength is now listing the long-awaited Muscletech muscle-builder Plasma Muscle as coming soon. With it we finally get an idea on the supplement’s price, as well as a look at its official facts panel.

Starting off with the price Muscle & Strength has put on Plasma Muscle, the store has it valued at $37.82 for a full size 28 serving bottle. Based on the other two products in Muscletech’s muscle-building trilogy, Clear Muscle and Phospha Muscle, we were kind of expecting something in the area of $50. As it turns out Plasma Muscle is in fact the cheapest one of the three, putting it in close competition with a lot of other formulas in the muscle-building category.

Lastly we have the official list of ingredients to go over for Plasma Muscle, where we see both previously confirmed features transparently dosed. The two ingredients are OptiNOs which is at 450mg per three capsule serving, and Peak ATP at 400mg. While the facts panel isn’t overly big news since we already knew what would be in Plasma Muscle, it does give us a closer and more formal look at the formula. We don’t yet know when Plasma Muscle is due to arrive, although with it listed at Muscle & Strength it must be near and at least now we have a price to look forward to.

Muscletech Plasma Muscle

plasma muscle

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