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Gaspari set to bring back Plasmajet in time for the Olympia


Ever since we confirmed that Gaspari Nutrition would be bringing back their classic pump supplement Plasmajet, back at the Arnold Classic, we’ve been eagerly awaiting more information. In a week or two it will actually be five months since we first spotted the all new Plasmajet, although today we have finally got an update on the still upcoming product. While five months is most certainly a long time for a highly anticipated supplement, we are unfortunately going to have to wait one more.

Gaspari has revealed a deadline for Plasmajet, setting September as the product’s expected launch month. September is of course the month of the Olympia, an event the brand is in fact hoping to have Plasmajet ready for. After seeing first hand just how effective Gaspari’s new pre-workout SP250 is, we’re now even more excited for Plasmajet’s return and look forward to seeing what the brand put together.

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