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Protein Cheese packing almost 130g of protein per block

protein cheese

As Myprotein continue to drop clues day after day for their next new supplement, we’re pretty sure we’ve now got details on the product the brand are currently getting fans to guess. The item we believe to be Myprotein’s mystery is Protein Cheese, an obviously named high protein cheese which is right inline with the letters the brand have revealed so far in “chee__”. As unusual as the product is and not something we’ve seen from any major supplement company we know of, it kind of fits right in with Myprotein.

The reason we say Protein Cheese fits right in is because the brand’s regular line up is packed with a number of interesting high protein foods including things like Protein Wafers, Chocolate Protein Balls and even Protein Pasta. While those products are the reason why Myprotein’s Protein Cheese isn’t overly surprising, the new item is still a great addition to the brand’s collection. The Myprotein innovation comes in a total of two variants, a low-fat option and a half fat. Packed into each 350g block of Protein Cheese you have 129.5/115.5g (low-fat/half fat) of protein, 7/56g (4.55/34.65g saturated) of fat, zero carbohydrates and 591.5/955.5 calories.

Regardless of whether or not Protein Cheese is Myprotein’s supplement they’re building up to, with the clues all pointing towards it. You can actually already purchase the product in Low Fat or Half Fat direct from the brand. At the moment the supplement is only available through Myprotein’s local store not the US one, with a very reasonable price tag of £3.99 or free with any purchase over £10.

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