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New Quest Wear collection adds 15 more items

quest wear

As promised late last week Quest Nutrition has dropped a whole bunch of new apparel. Their clothing collection was already bumped up back at the Arnold, and now it’s been added to with even more items. In total the brand’s latest launch has introduced 15 new products with things like tanks, tees, leggings, shorts and hats. Also just as Quest’s preview image suggested, the brand has put together a few designs using colors outside of their usual three, blue, white and black.

Starting off with the men’s items Quest has added four tees, with the Never Done style in neon green and blue on black, a neon yellow logo shirt, and an all new design with the Transformation Crew. Also introduced for Quest’s male fans is the new Relentless tank, logo printed Hero Shorts and Reflective Joggers. Next are the women’s products with two tanks, two pairs of capri leggings, a tee and a sportsbra. The leggings both feature fairly straightforward designs, with black and blue, and the other pair grey and yellow made to match the sportsbra. The one women’s tee added is essentially the same as the men’s Transformation shirt, just in different colors. Lastly for the ladies we have the two tanks with the Neon Yellow one being your traditional logo design, and the bright blue Never Done piece being a bit more creative as it comes with a hood attached.

For those counting at home there are two items left which are the two Flexfit Snapbacks, both featuring Quest’s logo on the front and separated by their colors with blue on black and black on blue. You can check out all the new additions to the brand’s clothing line on their website, with prices ranging from $17 all the way up to the most expensive product at $38.

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