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Vegan Freak gives Pharmafreak fans a vegan protein powder

vegan freak

With a name like Pharmafreak and a supplement naming style that puts “Freak” at the end of every product, there are plenty of directions for Pharmafreak to go in. Despite all the interesting supplements the brand has put together over the years with the likes of Super Freak, Test Freak, or the more obvious Protein Freak. It appears Pharmafreak still has the ability to surprise us as they have just unveiled their next Freak formula, Vegan Freak.

While we don’t know much about the product outside of its name, we don’t feel we really need any more explaining for Vegan Freak. If it wasn’t that obvious the latest from Pharmafreak is a vegan protein powder. Seeing as we don’t have much information on Vegan Freak we don’t know what vegan protein sources the brand has used in the supplement, although if it’s like others out there you can expect to see things like pea and/or rice protein.

We don’t yet know when Pharmafreak’s all new Vegan Freak will be hitting stores. But with the brand already gaining fans with their superfood formula Greens Freak, you know a vegan protein powder will definitely be welcomed whenever it arrives.

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