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Live large with Animal’s upcoming weight gainer Animal Mass

animal mass

If you know Animal, you know they don’t they don’t release new supplements too often. That being said when they do they’re always products worth checking out. This week the brand has unveiled their next innovation and just as expected it’s one worth checking out. The name of the supplement is Animal Mass and as you could probably guess it is indeed a weight gainer. The brand has yet to give us a close up of the product although the images leaked so far do give you quite a bit of information.

Like a lot of mass proteins Animal Mass comes in a bag, weighing in at a massive 10.19lb or 4.6kg. Based on that you have to assume the brand has gone big for their servings, as even if you’re looking at a rare number like 30 servings per bag each one would work out to 153g. As for flavors if the supplement’s anything like Animal Whey its menu will probably grow over the next year or so, but for now we know of at least two flavors with the classics Cookies & Cream and Vanilla.

Animal Mass is expected to be released later this month, and unlike Animal Whey when it does arrive it will not be exclusive to anyone.

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