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ANS Diablo Lime and Pineapple due to be joined by two more

ans diablo

Our favorite flavored fat burner ANS Diablo is due to get another two flavors very soon, which will double the size of its current menu. When the supplement was originally released, fans were only given the one option to choose from in Electric Lime. The lonely flavor was then eventually joined by the brand’s tropical recipe Pineapple Passionfruit. Diablo is now set to get two more added to its menu, however ANS has yet to reveal what either of the two are.

As much as we’d like to take a guess at what each one will be, neither of Diablo’s current flavors are available for any of the brand’s other products. Based on there’s a good chance the supplement will be keeping its individuality, seeing ANS Diablo get two more entirely new options. There is of course the possibility it goes the other way and the brand take a flavor or two from one of their others. If that does end up being the case our guesses would be their only two shared recipes, Ritual and Dilate’s Fruit Fusion, and Diablo and Dilate’s Grape Dream and Grape Blast.

Feel free to submit your own guess through the brand’s Facebook page, as if you get at least one of the two ANS Diablos right you could win yourself a stack of Diablo and its nighttime spin-off Diablo PM.

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