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Top Secret’s BeFit collaboration arrives in the form of BeFit Nutrition

befit nutrition

This week Top Secret Nutrition has followed up on their announcement from late last year where they confirmed a collaboration with the popular YouTube fitness channel BeFit. For those that missed the news, the well-known supplement company Top Secret said that they were going to be working together with BeFit to come up with a line of products just for them. That line has now arrived in the form of a brand appropriately titled BeFit Nutrition.

In Top Secret’s original announcement there were three types of supplements confirmed with a fat burner, pre-workout and multi-vitamin. BeFit has remained true to that list with Burn, Pre and Multi, and has actually got two more products in the mix with the whey and casein protein Whey Protein, and the omega-3 supplement Omega. Just like the five products names, the BeFit formulas are pretty straightforward and self-explanatory, except for the pre-workout and fat burner which are a little more complex.

The pre-workout Pre brings together a simple combination of seven ingredients including highlights such as elevATP, betaine anhydrous, BCAAs and coconut water extract. As for the other slightly more advanced supplement Burn, BeFit fans get a triple proprietary formula designed to boost energy, increase fat metabolism, curb your appetite and further support weight management with a bonus blend of prebiotics, probiotics and polyphenols.

You can find out more on each of the BeFit Nutrition products Burn, Pre, Multi, Omega and Whey Protein through the brand’s new website at The team has also put together a YouTube video introducing their line and quickly going over the five supplements.