Birthday Cake Combat Crunch launched for $5 more

Aug 3rd, 2015
Birthday Cake Combat Crunch

Back when MusclePharm’s all new flavor of Combat Crunch was unveiled, Chocolate Cake, another option was revealed although unlike Chocolate Cake it was not put on sale. The protein bar flavor was none other than Birthday Cake, which for those that have been eagerly waiting will be happy to hear it is now available.

As previously mentioned Birthday Cake Combat Crunch as well as Chocolate Cake had only been confirmed for GNC, with no one else listing or even mentioning the two. Because of that it’s no surprise Birthday Cake Combat Crunch has been launched by GNC, and is now in stock at the retailer’s online store. While usually a new flavor wouldn’t cost you anything extra, it is the opposite for Birthday Cake Combat crunch. The product’s eighth option is currently listed separately at GNC with a 12 bar box price of $31.41 or $29.99 with a Gold Card, compared to the other Combat Crunches at $24.99.

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