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Cellucor CN3, 45 servings of unflavored NO3-T creatine nitrate

cellucor cn3

An all new supplement joining Cellucor’s advanced G4 Chrome Series has been unveiled with the creatine formula Cellucor CN3. For those that can remember, a couple of years ago a creatine nitrate product was said to be a possibility. That possibility has now turned into reality as CN3 is exactly that, a straightforward supplement featuring NO3-T branded creatine nitrate. While the product is basic, it does have a little more to it than just creatine nitrate.

In combination with Cellucor CN3’s 3g of creatine nitrate, the supplement also packs half a gram of vitamin C. Those doses are based on what’s in every serving of the product, with a total of 45 unflavored servings squeezed into each full size tub of CN3. Cellucor fans will probably know the main ingredient from three of their favorite brand’s four pre-workouts, C4, C4 Mass and C4 50X. With that being said the dose in Cellucor CN3 is quite a bit higher than most of the C4s, as one serving of the supplement gives you the same amount of creatine as two scoops of C4 50X.

Being an almost individual ingredient formula CN3’s label doesn’t offer too much more information, although for those after a look at its official facts panel we have added it below.

Cellucor CN3

cellucor cn3

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