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Dedicated Enigma designed to help overcome genetic limitations

dedicated enigma

One of Dedicated Nutrition’s many upcoming supplements is the still reasonably mysterious formula Enigma. Staying true to its name, up until today nothing much outside of the product’s title had been revealed. The brand has now given fans their first look at Dedicated Enigma, as well as release a description explaining exactly what the supplement is. As you can probably tell by the image, Enigma is in fact some sort of muscle builder.

There are of course a lot of different types of muscle building formulas, so the question is what type is Dedicated Enigma? As the brand explain it, the product is a “non-hormonal, healthy, natural, rock hard lean muscle builder”. While that still doesn’t necessarily point you in any specific direction, the mention of “myostatin” on the supplement’s box and “genetics” in its description, does give you a much better idea. From what we can tell Enigma is at least along the same lines as MHP’s well known myostatin inhibitor Myo-X. Obviously we have no idea on whether or not the two will be using any of the same ingredients, but they do promote a similar kind of goal of overcoming genetics.

For now Dedicated Enigma will continue to be a bit of an enigma until we see its facts panel, which should be out in the next month or so as the product is due to arrive in October.

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